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Our Berries

Beautiful, delicious and healthy

freshSide is focused in the production and exportation of top quality fresh Berries. We are committed to the optimum supply of these delicious fruits under season and weekly programs.

Our strawberries are red, glossy, firm, sweet and with an intense aroma, simply delicious. From 250g punnets, to 400g K60 punnets or 1kg wood box. We count with all the packing range. As part of the Berries family they contain a great number of healthy nutrients. Enjoy them at any time!

Our raspberries will be your favorites, they are firm and tasty, with a delicious balance between sweet and acid, beautiful and attractive. We can pack them in 125g punnets or even some special presentations. They are full of nutrients and healthy natural compounds, vitamins and antioxidants. Everybody loves them!

Our blueberries are unique, firm and very tasty, they are carefully picked to preserve all their nutritive content. They are considered super fruits due to their very high vitamins and antioxidants level. Crunchy, delicious and very versatile, they must be in all the family diet. We pack them in 125g punnets and bigger formats. Children love them!