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Our Concept

our business key factors

freshSide business concept has been built on the foundations of effort, sincerity and perseverance. We believe that these human values must preceed our company goals in order to succeed and grow along time.

The best Berries. Every day we pick the most delicious and fresh Berries for you. We make a constant effort in improving our production and picking procedures. Our Growers work every season to obtain outstanding fruit while caring for our natural resources and our beautiful natural environment. It is our priority to preserve the Earth that our children will receive in the future. We are committed to the sustainable production of Berries, something we will teach to the coming generations.

A global point of view. We know that our production side must be competitive and each season more efficient. Berries production around the world is increasing and so the competition to satisfy the market demand all year round. freshSide Growers continously work to open as much as possible the production and exportation windows. This can only be achieved through the right fruit varieties and a well planned production timing.

Passion for what we do. We love Berries, and with our Growers we constantly look for the most beautiful and tasteful of these fruits. We pick them at the exact moment, when they will bring out all their flavour and aroma. But our passion goes beyond the production fields. Our efforts are also focused on delivering them in optimum conditions. We work with our international partners to be just in time with the freshest and most delicious Berries. This daily task is done with planning, coordination and constant communication. Team work, the key to deliver our Berries to thousands of homes all over Europe.

Complete, correct and on time. It is our priority to do things correctly, starting with doing an excellent job at the fields. We believe that quality begins at the plant. After that, through exhaustive quality control procedures and a complete traceability we guarantee a safe, clean, healthy and delicious product. Our own requirements concerning quality standards go beyond the fruit itself. We pay special attention to the Berries presentation, packaging, labelling, nutritional information, brand image and of course service.