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Berries are here!

Berries are glossy, beautiful, healthy and delicious… definitely a product that all retailers want to offer their customers all year round. They are fruits with a huge commercial potential and an increasing consumption curve. They are products that can boost and increase the sales of a wide range of complementary food products. In certain moments of the year are crucial and essential. Everybody likes them, because of their taste and because they are very healthy… It is always a good time to deliver fresh and delicious berries!

…from the fruit side we will do our best

freshSide is an outsourcing Procurement & Sourcing office in Spain. Acting as a Global Sourcing Partner, our company works all year round, hand to hand with growers from Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Peru. It is our commitment to build a strong and sustainable bond between berry growers, retailers and consumers.

On a daily basis we gather top quality Berries from our growers, managing our operation under a just in time schedule, in order to fulfil our weekly delivery programs with the best and freshest fruit.

freshSide constantly looks for new, motivating and challenging projects within the international food sector. Andalusia offers a huge range of possibilities, we can enhance your import, distribution or retail business through outsourcing and the development and management of a strong and reliable supply & exportation office at Spain..

Since 2015 freshSide is a fresh fruit & vegetable procurement and sourcing company based in Huelva, Andalusia. Mainly focused on berries, we are able to export a range of Spanish food products all around Europe. Through outsourcing Purchase Operations we build up strong supply connections, bringing retail and consumers closer to growers and products origin.